Friday, 13 August 2004  
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Sala to showcase wireless network technology

Sala Enterprises would showcase its Prolink based wireless network technology at the e-Society exhibition which is starting today at BMICH. Managing Director of Sala Enterprises Chinthaka Wijewickrama said that as there are over 15,000 computer's imported every month to Sri Lanka and the need for computer networking has increased tremendously.

Today network users find the messy wiring and are looking for a network that is trouble free and get the freedom to move to any place in the office or home and use the network.

"The term wireless networking refers to the technology that enables two or more computers to communicate using standard network products, but without network cabling. Any technology using this could be called "wireless networking" or commonly known as "wireless LAN"", Chinthaka said.

"Peer to peer wireless network consist of a number of computers each equipped with a wireless network interface card. Then each of the computers can communicate directly with all of the other wireless enable computers and share files and printers.

Also a wireless network can use an "access point" or a base station. In this type of network the "Access point" acts like a hub, providing connectivity for a wireless network. In many cases wireless computers also can be connected to a wired computer network using a bridge. Each access point has a finite range within the client computer and the access point. The actual distance varies upon the environment", he said.

"Prolink has introduced the wireless broad band access point with the wireless USB adapter for desktop PC users and wireless PCMCIA PC card for notebook users. A repeater could be used to strengthen the signal. A An internet user with an ADSL connection can use a wireless ADSL router to share the internet connection among the users and have one shared e mail address", he said.

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