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TSFL teas attract top prices

Akuressa group correspondent

Smallholder tea factories managed by the Tea Smallholder Factories Limited (TSFL) manufactured 6,751,880 kilogrammes of tea last year.

The teas attracted top prices at the Colombo auction and traded at a premium of 6 per cent over the low-grown elevational average.

The TSFL continues to command prices at the Colombo auctions above the national low grown averages and its marks are among the best selling in the low grown catalogue.

In 2003 the TSFL recorded a gross sale average of Rs. 168.49 per kilogrammes which is the highest sale average achieved by any institution in the low-grown elevation. Neluwa-Medagama, Halwitigala, Hingalgoda and Pasgoda tea factories have been consistently selling at the top end of the low-grown market. Tea factories attached to the company (TSFL) purchased 31.3 million kilogrammes of green leaf from smallholders during the year. The number of suppliers exceeds 14,000 of which 9,078 are registered as direct suppliers.

Ninety percent of these suppliers own less than one acre and supply approximately 500 kilogrammes green leaf per month. TSFL's strategy of maintaining 'one to one' contact with growers and imparting knowledge on precedent cultivation practices has strengthened the bond between the factory and the smallholder.

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