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Sampath Bandara murder : University students protest against political interference

by Rasika Olaboduwa

A group of University students including the Inter University Students' Council Convener Duminda Nawagamuwa demand immediate enforcement of the law against politicians who interfere with the course of justice in respect of the recent murder of Sampath Bandara, a university student of the Sri Jayawardenapura University.

Addressing a students' demonstration held at the Nugegoda Junction last morning Duminda said that the suspects in this case are detained in jail not in ordinary cells but in cells with the best of comforts and that they enjoy visits by the Private Secretary of a politician from the Kotte area who was responsible for sporadic turmoil in the Sri Jayawardenapura University in the recent past. Suspects who are due to be produced for identification parades are not allowed to meet visitors other than their own parents, he said.

The Sri Jayawardenapura University Maha Sishya Sangamaya President Sujith Kuruvita addressing the gathering said that Sampath Bandara's murder was a challenge to the entire University structure and that a set of UNP activists are striving hard to rescue the offenders in spite of glaring evidence of eye witnesses. The vengeance will engulf the University if the offenders are allowed to go scot free, he warned the authorities concerned.

The demonstration organized by the Anthar Vishvavidyalayeeya Sishya Bala Mandalaya was participated by a crowd of University Students.

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