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Alarm bells on a dreaded disease

Diyavediyava nisa andhaweemata pera.....

Author: Dr. Kapila Piyasena

61 1/2 Flower Court, Flower Road, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo 7

Apart from those who are born blind, nobody wants to go blind as a result of a disease. Dr. Kapila Piyasena tells us that people suffering from diabetes can go blind if proper precautions are not taken.

Diyawediyava nisa andhaweemata pera..... sounds alarm bells on the dreaded disease diabetes. Explaining the symptoms of the disease, Dr. Piyasena says that excessive thirst, excessive urination, heavy intake of food, weariness, vision problems and lack of energy are some of the signs of diabetes.

The book reminds that diabetes is a wasting disease in which sugar, the normal fuel of the body, cannot be properly used and is passed in large quantities in the urine. There is a great increase in the volume of urine produced and corresponding severe thirst.

Diabetes being a common disease affects one percent of the population and causes untold distress. It requires lifelong treatment with insulin by injection, constant checking of the sugar level in the blood and in the urine, and a regular watch for complications.

Dr. Piyasena's 40-page book brings all this essential knowledge to readers. Books of this nature will help us to be a little more vigilant as far as diseases are concerned. - R.S


Useful book on career guidance

Rakiyawak soya ganeema sandaha obata maga penweemak

Author J. A. K. Kulatunga

Printed by Sridevi Printers, Nedimala, Dehiwala

128 pages

Rakiyawak soya ganeema sandaha obata maga penweemak meets the dire needs in our country to provide career guidance to our youths. The lack of career guidance has led to frustration and disappointment among our youth as their aspirations to engage in work after their education does not yield desired results leading to loss of confidence in our education system at all levels.

The author very strongly justifies the need for career guidance and as a logical initial step introduces a simple but effective plan for self evaluation, on the basis of each individual being different with varied specialties and capabilities.

The self evaluation leads to personal assessment followed by a listing of 830 different job opportunities logically divided into 13 major areas and 54 secondary areas. This basis of presentation and self evaluation assist the user to focus on specific secondary areas and varied opportunities within those areas.

The author also insists that the decision to be taken by the student and after exploring the opportunities within the focus area. The book also supplies further information on the jub opportunities and their relative status of either growing demand for the skills and services in the current context or decline in its popularity by providing statistical data of the number of local opportunities advertised and recruitment made during the past several years. In addition the book also includes statistical data on the opportunities in the Middle Eastern job markets for the specific jobs.

Following the data on the jobs the author specifies the steps that should be taken to optimize the ability to secure the selected employment.

If one was to assume being a youth aspiring to obtain suitable employment and work through the methodology in the book you will realize the value of the guidance and find its practicality to be the source to address the needs and further in a manner that provides the matching of own skills and capabilities to selected work opportunities, thereby meeting the aspirations of the individual.

I would recommend this book to youth as an essential guide for career guidance and for their access, to be acquired by all secondary school, youth related centers and public libraries.

The noble goal of the book is to act as a channel to guide our youth to employment thereby addressing a major problem faced by them as well as to spur the enhancement of productivity through our youth in our quest for national development.

Lakshman J. K. Hettiaratchi, Former Chairman of Career Guidance Committee, The Organization of Professional Association of Sri Lanka

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