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Amendments to ceasefire will affect peace process - GL

by Nadira Gunatilleke

LTTE Political Leader S.P. Thamil Selvan has clearly indicated that there will be a negative impact on the peace process and the possibility of war if new conditions are inserted into the Ceasefire Agreement, Cabinet spokesman Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris said.

Addressing the media at the weekly Cabinet briefing held in Colombo yesterday, Prof. Peiris said that so far the Government and the LTTE carried on the peace process on the basis of the CFA, the Oslo declaration and the Tokyo declaration.

"The proposals presented by the LTTE on an Interim Administration will be the basis for future peace talks.

But the JVP has stated that they do not agree with those proposals and need conditions and new proposals.

The LTTE has never expressed any interest of those ideas and never agreed to present new proposals.

Therefore everything is in a mess. All the things we gained through peace will be lost if the UPFA comes into power," he added.

He alleged that the UPFA has presented two election manifestos within 10 days. The first manifesto mentions a mixed economy, six new state universities, latest technology for villages, development of agriculture and industrial zone.

But the second manifesto does not mention these, said Prof. Peiris. Prof. Peiris said that the only aim the UPFA is grabbing power. The only aim of calling this election is changing the existing constitution through an illegal procedure enabling the President to keep her position, he said. He said that the UNP Government took several steps to give relief for the people. The Government spent Rs. 13,000 million to pay Customs duty for Diesel, kerosene oil, LP gas, infant milk powder, dhal, potatoes and big onions.

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