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Party politics in Sri Lanka

We have elections after elections. People are all fed up of this situation. It is best to have one candidate from any party who wins at the election for a period of one term only, hence they keep contesting for ever doing no work for the electorate. This will be the best to have good spirit and keep the people to live well - in harmony.

It is regretted to note that every party keeps on condemning the party in power for their faults and not carrying on the work being neglected during the last regime. Instead all parties should work with sincerity in helping the poor. It says "Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned".

Let all parties forget the past faults and work for the betterment of the people.


Change this ghostly constitution

The Government spokesman is adamant that this ghostly Constitution should not be changed, except by a 2/3rd majority in Parliament.

On the other hand, they not only sabotaged the Constitutional changes proposed earlier by the President, but also shamelessly continued a tug-of-war with the Executive President for two long years, very well ignoring the support she could provide to achieve the so called compulsory 2/3rd majority.

We among the living are compelled to suffer due to blunders committed by some who are now dead and gone. A Constitution should be made by the people for the people.

It is our fervent hope that the next Government would tackle this most important issue with prudence and speed and with justice mingled with love towards our Tamil and Muslim brotherhood.


Sea erosion in Sri Lanka

Sea erosion has become a major problem in Sri Lanka at present. Not only south coast in Sri Lanka but also Puttalam district coast and several other places have been washed away, I have observed recently.

In fact no permanent solution with regard to this problem so far and I do not know what will happen to the Sri Lanka coast if this situation is continued.

I have seen some of the places in southern coast, dams have been made and due to this step, sea erosion has been controlled to certain extent. I think better to consult developed countries in the world and UNO and other institutions to have a knowledge about the systems they have taken to control this problem.

Actually we must save the country to enable to live the generations in the future. In that case, as people live at present should take certain steps to eradicate this major problem.


Sri Lanka is not an undeveloped country

Sri Lanka was well developed long before the advent of the foreign invaders. During the magnificent and glorious Anuradhapura period our agricultural achievements, our constructive and architectural skills, irrigation systems, among others, reached the zenith of development unsurpassed by any other nation.

But due to the calamitous foreign invasions, as inevitably occur due to the prosperity of a nation, decline did set in, as it happened in Rome and Greece... After the great King Parakramabahu, the maintenance of our prosperity became a problem due to foreign invasions.

Now that we have regained our Independence, let us awake from this deep illusion that we are an undeveloped country, and learn to utilise our ample natural resources, having due regard to the natural environment and show the world what sustainable development is.

We have to do research into the methods and systems of our own forebears, and adopt them as they will, do least harm to the all-important environment.

We do not have to go around the world to learn what development is, but look within and it is all there.



Jam, according to my Oxford dictionary is defined as 'conserve of fruit and sugar boiled until thick; and colloquially, 'something easy and pleasant to deal with'. As such, jam should be thick and something that can be easily spread on a slice of bread.

It is regrettable that a giant department is marketing a gelatinous substance at an exorbitant price and has the audacity to call it jam. It is with much effort that this 'jam' can be knifed on to a slice of bread.

Thereafter it just cannot be spread. So slivers of jam have to be scattered on the bread. The problem doesn't end there.

When you lift a piece of bread to your mouth, the slivers fall off - on to your plate if you are lucky! The cost of producing this 'jam' must be minimal because it is fruit juice made to set with gelatine. This substance masquerading as jam is clear, whereas a fruit conserve cannot be so.

Is there no quality control of the products that are marketed today? Is there no law to safeguard the consumer?

Colombo 6

Comedy Republic

It appears that there is something very wrong with the thinking of the Sri Lankan politicians, especially those at the very top.

Before each elections, the party leaders promise to have clean elections, appoint honest Ministers, do away with the pensions for MPs, but the reality afterward each time, is the opposite.

A former Finance Minister who had presented five or more budgets, was denounced as a person who could not even add up, why did it take that long to find out? Says volumes for the person in charge.

The same is true of the daft Constitution which everybody knows needs to be changed but does not for reasons only too apparent.

Now the politicians are falling over each other to assist the terrorists patch up their differences. It is inconceivable that there are gullible people in the country to allow these politicians to get away with murder for so very long.

The same politicians chose to ignore the sudden, uninvited appearance of the EURO Commissioner Chris Patten, with no business nor purpose, except to add fuel to an already volatile situation, a typical age old colonialist action, siding with the minorities against the masses. Over the centuries, there were wave after wave of colonialists who pillaged the country for its riches and rammed in their customs and religions in return, for which some still are obliged.

Here now in the 21st century, a neo colonialist power, muscled themselves into the happy position of a messiah, allegedly directing the nation to the gates of peace.

The Political Leaders with some self respect should instruct the Norwegians to get out of the country forthwith, and Sri Lanka should side with Greenpeace to halt the Norwegian whale terrorists, killing off the whale population.

How is that the Europeans somehow, seem to think that they have the perfect panacea for all the problems of the world, as they did in the past and get themselves involved, invited or not, apparently for the good of the target country, such as Sri Lanka, surely not, there must be a pot of gold somewhere, in the form of future exploitation of natural resources.

Are Sri Lankan Leaders so naive or as in the past, have they been bribed by the colonialists?


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