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Mihintalava - The Birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhist Civilization

Govt. - LTTE Ceasefire Agreement

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SLIM awards 2004

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing(SLIM) held its annual awards presentation at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre on Saturday.Here a group of dancers performing at the opening ceremony under the theme “Bound to Cross Boundaries together” with a laser presentation. ANCL was the print media sponsor for the event. 
Picture by Ravindra Seneviratne

SLMM rejects LTTE request

Elections chief rules no polling in LTTE areas

by Ranil Wijayapala

Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake yesterday dismissed a suggestion by the LTTE that elections be held in the LTTE controlled areas in the North East, on the grounds that uniformed Policemen or Security Forces personnel cannot enter those areas under the Ceasefire Agreement.
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Jayalath J. in alleged multi million rupee fraud

by Sapumalie Samudradevi

A probe by the Presidential Investigation Unit has allegedly revealed a massive fraud behind the shifting of the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Re-settlement and Refugees Affairs from its present location in the World Trade Centre, Fort, to another private building at a monthly rental of Rs.1.5 million.
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PM calls for mandate to lead peace process

by Ariyaratne Ganegoda and Kurunegala District Special Sunil S. Pellandeniya

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday called for a mandate to lead the peace process to a successful end and improve the country's economy. "Only the UNF has a workable plan for a negotiated settlement," he said, while expressing fears that a renewed war is imminent in case of the Freedom Alliance victory given its "contradictory views" on the peace process.
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Ulterior motive in PM’s attempt to frighten people - Anura Bandaranaike

There is a devious motive behind UNP Leader Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's attempt to frighten people that there will be a return to war if the UNP was not brought into power at the next General Election, states Presidential Senior Advisor Anura Bandaranaike.
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