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Lankan medical researcher claims breakthrough in Diabetese cure

A Sri Lankan medical researcher is reported to have achieved a major breakthrough in medicine by finding a permanent cure for Diabetes.

Lanka Jayasekera claims that he has already cured nearly 100 diabetes patients with his newly found treatment.

Jayasekara says Diabetes patients are assured complete recovery from the disease once they take his full six month course of medicine. Thereafter they can eat sugar and other sweetmeats as usual and their blood sugar level will never rise over 120 units again.

He has now decided to take his achievement a step further by opening a 'hospital for Diabetes Permanent Cure' at Piliyandala for which the foundation stone will be laid on February 19 at 11.02 a.m.

Jayasekara says he has also written to the President requesting her consent to name this hospital after late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

A branch of the proposed hospital will be opened at Galle Road, Dehiwala on March 31 and 10 selected acute diabetes patients will be channelled to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke for treatment on this day.

A team of medical consultants led by Dr. Jayatilleke are expected to issue a full report on the treatment given to these patients and their response to the public in due course, he added.

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