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JVP condemns Govt's attitude on MPs' high-handed acts

by Anura Maitipe

The JVP has condemned the lethargic attitude of the Government for not taking proper actions against the UNP MP who had allegedly assaulted Bulathsinhala Divisional Secretary P.D. Siriwardena, JVP MP for Kalutara District Nandana Gunatillka told the 'Daily News'.

He said that since the UNP government come to power, political brutality has reemerged in the country. The assault of Bulathsinhala Divisional Secretary is not the only such incident that has taken place in the past two years. "A Cabinet Minister in the South has also threatened his Ministry Secretary by using filthy language."

In another incident, a son of Cabinet Minister was alleged to have assaulted a police constable who had questioned him for writing graffiti on the wall of a leading school, he added.

The brothers of a Polonnaruwa district MP has also threatened his own bodyguard for failing to prevent an accident. A few weeks ago, a brother of a Cabinet Minister in the Nuwara Eliya district had assaulted a Secretary of an MP in the same district. But no disciplinary action has been taken against any of these politicians so far, he pointed out.

"Sri Lankan Judges went on a strike recently for the first time in the work. Now they are followed by public administrators and these are the clear indications how the free democracy is practised by the UNP," he added.

The strike launched by the Divisional Secretaries has resulted in severe inconvenience to the public. He urged President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga to mediate in this matter and to bring justice.


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