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Pears at Base Hospital Puttalam

Continuing its special mission of caring for and nurturing the children of Sri Lanka, Pears strengthens its commitment to adding a ray of sunshine into their lives through the setting up of a fully equipped and renovated Neo Natal Unit at the Base Hospital Puttalam.

Pears, the trusted baby care brand of Unilever Ceylon Ltd., launched the Safe Hands Project on October 1. This campaign seeks to take on various projects that touch the lives of many underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, giving them a second chance to life. 25 cents from the proceeds of sale of each Pears Baby Pack is channelled by Pears towards the Safe Hands Project.

The first scheme under the Safe Hands Project was to provide the Lady Ridgeway Children's Hospital with a fully equipped ETU (Emergency Treatment Unit) and Nebulization Unit with modern facilities to handle emergency cases of sick children. Approximately, 2000 children are treated through the newly set up ETU & Nebulization Unit every month.

Pears also spread its wings to the Teaching Hospital Jaffna, to provide its Children's Ward with a range of modern, post-natal care equipment, enabling accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment. The Children's Ward was also renovated and redecorated, giving it a totally new look and adding a cheerful atmosphere to the entire area.

Today, it steps forth into its third endeavour at the Base Hospital Puttalam. On average, there are twelve new lives entering the world through this Neo Natal Unit everyday. It is our pledge to provide these children with a good chance to lead a full life through the provision of timely medical expertise and the right equipment. Many children in our country are deprived of this opportunity, due to the lack of funds to diagnose and treat any ailments of new borns. This is why Pears is determined to make a difference in the lives of these infants and to give them hope for a bright and healthy future.

Today, many children enjoy a healthier future and some even a second chance to life thanks to the special effort, care and dedication of Pears. The Pears Safe Hands Project will continue to provide much needed help and support to selected hospitals recommended by the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians and care for the children of Sri Lanka.

"Pears wishes to thank every member of the public for contributing to the success of this project, for it was the 25 cents channelled through each purchase of the Pears Baby pack that made these projects a reality", said the Brands Director of Unilever Ceylon Ltd., Amal Cabraal.

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