Saturday, 8 November 2003  
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LTTE closely monitoring situation - Karuna

by Ranga Jayasuriya

LTTE's Eastern military chief Karuna said yesterday that the President's action has risked the peace process, adding that the Tigers are closely watching the situation.

"Like smashing the pot when the milk in it is churning into butter, the Sri Lankan President has sabotaged the peace process at a crucial time," Karuna was quoted as saying in the pro-LTTE Tamilnet.

He said the Tigers were not shocked by the recent events as "it was the Tamils' experience in the past with the Sinhala polity".

"Sinhala politicians are tussling for personal gain- exhibiting their sheer greed for power".

"This is how in the past they scuttled the peace process despite the concessions and compromises we made during talks with the Sri Lankan government," Karuna , a member of the LTTE peace delegation said. Norwegian deputy foreign minister Vidar Helgessen was expected in Colombo in mid November to make arrangements for a meeting between the two parties, which will be the first ever face to face discussions since the Tigers' walked away from the peace talks in the mid April.

Cabinet spokesman Prof. G.L.Peiris said on Tuesday that no change has been made in the scheduled visit so far.

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