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Communist Party condemns attack at cultural festival

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka yesterday condemned the attempt to attack and disrupt The Sinhala-Tamil Cultural Festival in Colombo on Wednesday and Thursday.

The event unquestionably was a cultural programme of high quality patronised by distinguished cultural workers of Sri Lanka. The attempted attack on the cultural workers brings to our memory the heinous crime of burning the Jaffna Library, the Party said in a statement yesterday.

The statement added: "The forces behind this savage act have been clearly identified from the statements of the perpetrators themselves, the complaints of the participants and glaring exposures through the media. They represent the extremist sections of Sinhala chauvinism. Strangely, it should be well-remembered that there are forces yet in our society who would like to take the entire society back to the era of barbarism and savagery. This savage act was a blatant violation of human and democratic rights which unquestionably disturbs the peace process.

It is a matter of regret and concern that amongst the forces behind this savage act were media bosses as well as so-called media men.

Such savage acts will objectively promote chauvinism in the South and strengthen the forces of chauvinism and separatism in the North, Creating an environment conducive for forces of fascism to emerge, and particularly so in the context of the current socio-economic crisis in Sri Lanka".

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