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SLMC delegation looks at Scottish model

The Constitutional Committee of the SLMC led by Minister Rauff Hakeem, met Colin Miller, Head of Constitutional Policy Unit of the Scottish Executive, and assisted by Bob Calderwood of the Scottish Executive, at the Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh Scotland on their arrival from London on Wednesday 29th October 2003 a media release from the SLMC stated.

A three hour long discussion that followed looked extensively at Devolution and Constitutional Policy of the Scottish Executive. The Committee was briefed on the Political, Administrative, Judicial aspects of devolution and the committee discussed in detail the Electoral process in Scotland.

The Scots while electing Members of Parliament to the British Parliament also elect members to the Scottish Parliament by a hybrid process of proportional representation and first past the post system, which accommodates various shades of political opinion the release stated.

The Committee thereafter met Mr. Eberhard Bort of the Governance of Scotland Forum at the Scottish Executive Headquarters at St. Adrews House, where they were given an Academic Perspective of devolution and Scottish Politics it added.

The discussion that followed focused on a critical analysis of devolution at work and the salient features of electoral process. The Committee evinced interest in further studies of the Scottish Model and the Scottish Executive is looking at providing Constitutional expertise to the SLMC in its efforts at drafting its proposals, according to the release.

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