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Travel professionals in forum to develop industry

The Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka-TAASL has started a dialogue to ensure a perfect understanding between airlines, and travel agents outbound ticketing on how best the airlines, and travel agents could finetune the services in the larger interest of the air travel outbound passengers.

TAASL President Nihal Perera, together with senior members of the council, and key players in the outbound travel industry met the airlines professionals to discuss on how best certain vital issues could be addressed, in order to resolve problems in travel agency operations on outbound ticketing.

Perera said, the response from the BAR, and SLAAR, was very encouraging, the airline Managers were able to understand the problems faced by the travel agents to provide a satisfactory service to the air travel passengers, and various issues that, were hitherto, creating problems were focused, and problem solving initiatives were taken by the airlines in order to streamline, and assist outbound travel agents in their travel operations.

The National Carrier, SriLankan Airlines, who plays a lead role in the Aviation Industry of Sri Lanka, was very positive in thinking in that, the growth of the industry can be assured with the cooperation of the airlines to usher a new era in the development of Travel and Tourism in Sri Lanka, on the basis of the priority status given to the Tourism Industry by the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, and the Government of Sri Lanka.

Perera also said with the vision and the mission of both the public and private sector to make tourism, a key industry in the economy of Sri Lanka, the dialogue that, took place will bring rewarding results to make Sri Lanka, not only as a Exotic Destination for visitors, but also to make Sri Lanka as a highly developed country in the Aviation Industry as well, with the outbound ticketing agents also playing a vital role.

Meanwhile the Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka-TAASL, launched 4 months course conducted by experts in the field of Travel and Tourism covering key modules, such as travel agency operations, airline reservations, ticketing and fares, inbound and outbound tourism, communication, Accounting and Travellers Cheques, Cargo and Insurance, Sales and Marketing.

The course commenced on October 25 at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in association with Abacus Global Distribution System.

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