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Allegations against IGP : 

Interior Minister orders inquiry

by Asanga Warnakulasuriya

Interior Minister John Ameratunga yesterday instructed Ministry Secretary M. N. Junaid to carry out an impartial inquiry into the serious allegations made against IGP T. E. Anandaraja that he(IGP) had attended a birthday party of drug kingpin Jesudasan's daughter two years ago .

The Minister called for two independent reports one prepared by the Secretary and the other by the CID to be handed over to him within two weeks.

The IGP at a press conference held at the Interior Ministry yesterday maintained that although he was invited to Jesudasan daughter's birthday party by a close friend of his known as "Udayan" and had attended it, at the time of the incident he knew nothing about Jesudasan's activities.

The IGP further said that he had known Udayan who hailed from Kalmunai for more than 20 years and his (Udayan's) continuous pestering left him little choice but to attend the function. According to the IGP, Udayan had phoned 3 or 4 times requesting him to attend the party. "Since I was at the time a DIG and was in close touch with the public throughout my 36 year career, I attended the party in March,2002 trusting my friend, Udayan, the IGP said. I was at this five star hotel for about 45 minutes where the party was held and left and thereafter I had no contacts with the host of the party."

In the same month, the Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) had received information from a marine boat owner, also a drug trafficker alias "Boat Ranjith", that Jesudasan is a hardcore drug trafficker and was actively involved in the drug business. An attempt to net in Jesudasan by the PNB had failed when Boat Ranjith's wife had given the tip-off to Jesudasan about the PNB plan, DIG PNB, Gerard Ignatius said.

"However all these details were kept very confidential with even the IGP not privy to them." DIG said adding that the disclosures were brought to the open only after the recent drug raid in Mulleriyawa.

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