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Kumar Ponnambalam killing : 

CID directed to produce death certificates of two suspects

by Sarath Malalasekera

The Colombo Additional Magistrate Siripala Mahanama directed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), probing the assassination of All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) leader Kumar Ponnambalam, to produce the death certificates of two suspects in the killing, RPC Sugath Ranasinghe and M. A. Kalinga alias Moratu Saman, on September 26.

At the outset, the CID informed court that the two suspects Ranasinghe and Moratu Saman had been killed by unidentified gunmen several weeks ago.

U.R. Rohana, the third suspect in the case was remanded till September 26.

The ACTC leader was assassinated on January 5, 2000 at Ramakrishna Road, Colombo.

The CID DIG earlier deployed a special team to trace the assailant who killed former Police Constable Sugath Ranasinghe.

The CID deployed a special team to trace the suspect following a statement made to the Moratuwa Magistrate by the three wheeler driver who drove the assailant to the spot where Sugath was killed.

The former Constable was killed by unidentified gunmen while he was travelling in a three wheeler near Katubedda junction, Moratuwa.

Following the shooting a five year old girl, Harini Fernando of Panadura also died and two others including her mother were seriously injured.

Police investigations have revealed that the deceased Constable had in his possession a hand phone belonging to late Kumar Ponnambalam as a souvenir.

Western Province South DIG K.P.P. Pathirana is directing investigations conducted by a special police team headed by a Senior Superintendent of Police.


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