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Former Colombo Mayor Ratnasiri Rajapakse dies

A former Mayor of Colombo, Ratnasiri Rajapakse, passed away last morning following a sudden cardiac failure. He was 57 years and a father of three children.

The late Ratnasiri Rajapakse was active in social service as a member of the Western Provincial Council, as a member of the UNP Executive Committee and as the General Secretary of the Sri Sucharitha Movement founded by the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

Funeral arrangements will be notified later.

Customs information Desk set up

The Customs has set up a special "Customs Public Information Unit" on the direction of the Director General of Customs Sarath Jayatilleke to facilitate the detection of Customs frauds and other malpratices.

All information given to this desk will be treated as strictly confidential and will also be rewarded, said Customs Intelligence Unit (CIU) Assistant Director L.M. Nelson.

The public could contact this special unit on telephone number 2471471, head of the CIU said.

Phone numbers changed

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) will implement the next phase of the '10 Digit Number Change' directive of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) in several areas from today.

The number change will apply to all SLT customers other than those whose numbers begin with '2' in the following areas: Ratnapura (Area code 045), Galle (Area code 09), Gampaha (Area code 033), Hambantota (Area code 047) Kalutara (Area code 034), Kurunegala (Area code 037) and Kandy (Area code 08). Every customer number of these areas will consist of seven digits subsequent to this change.

This will be carried out by adding '2' or '22' in front of the existing number. Ratnapura, Galle, Gampaha, Hambantota, Kalutara and Kurunegala numbers will change by adding '22' in front and Kandy numbers will change by adding '2' in front.

Silumina Literary Supplement

The Silumina will publish a free 24-page supplement to mark the Literary Month tomorrow.

Reputed scholars and writers have contributed articles to this supplement, which also contains two articles reproduced from the prolific literacy output of Prof. Sarachchandra and Martin Wickramasinghe. The supplement promises to be a treat for all those interested in modern Sinhala literature. Reserve your copy of the Silumina today at the nearest newsagent.


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