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Cultivate good habits through Dhamma - Anu Nayaka Thera

Kuliyapitiya group correspondent

Everyone speaks of the rising crime wave but no one pays attention on the cause of such grave crimes and how to eradicate them. In a society that chases after money it is inevitable for rising crimes. Cultivating good habits through the religious education is the only way to minimize the crime rate, Ven. Madithiyawela Wijithasena, Anu Nayaka Thera of the Sri Lanka Ramannya Maha Nikaya said.

He was addressing the ceremony held to mark the prize distribution to those who pass the Thripitake Examination - 2002 conducted by the Sri Lanka Ramannya Maha Nikaya. This ceremony was held at Diyakalamulla Sripathi Pirivena.

The Ven. Anunayaka Thera added that bana preachings would help to build a just society. It was the Dhamma that civilized the nation. Listening and practising Dhamma is the path for a conflict free non-violent society.

However, there is a dearth of Dhammadhari Bhikkhus today. That is a grave tragic situation in Buddhism is concerned. They young Bhikkhus are very weak in their Thirpitaka knowledge. They study BC - Buddhist Civilization as a subject but not the Tripitaka Dhamma. BC is not Dhamma. Such Bhikkhus if appointed as Pirivena teachers would teach Thrilakkana for Thrividya.

The Sri Lanka Ramannya Maha Nikaya conducts the Thripitaka Examination to enrich the Thripitaka knowledge of the young Bhikkhus. The world especially Europe and America are suffering from Dhamma thirsty. The intellectuals in those countries seek the satisfaction through Dhamma since they have failed to achieve that with money. They have realised that the real wealth is not money but the Dhamma. So the Young Bhikkhus provided they were conversant and well versed in Tripitaka Dhamma can quench their Dhamma thirst.

Prof. Waragoda Pemarathana Thera of Peradeniya University said that the Thripitaka would help to mould the character of a person. The Sutta Pitaka would teach on the world and the life. The Vinaya Pitaka encourages a disciplined society. Abhidhamma Pitaka helps to correct one's vision. The Lord Buddha preached some 2,500 years ago, but they are new to any era, common not only to the Maha Sangha but also to the laity of any religious faith.

Wewaldeniya Medhalankara Maha Nayaka Thera of Sri Lanka Ramannya Maha Nikaya also spoke.


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