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Royal College to get career guidance centre

by Ananda Kannangara

Minister of Education, Human Resource Development and Cultural Affairs Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku yesterday highly valued the importance of educating schoolchildren on career guidance and highlighted that the Government too has implemented a massive programme to extend career guidance facilities for 80 provincial schools throughout the country.

The Minister made these observations at a ceremony held at Royal College, Colombo to coincide with the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a Career Guidance, Skills Development and Scouts Complex at Royal College. Principal, Royal College H.L.B. Gomes presided.

While thanking the Royal College Union for taking steps to construct a carrier guidance complex within the school premises utilising their own funds, Minister Kodituwakku said that establishing a centre of this nature will immensely help Royalists to indulge in better employment avenues.

"Initiating these nature of programmes especially for the benefit of children sitting for their O/L Examinations, the Government is of the view that students could follow career guidance programmes even before the results are released", he said.

He said thereafter the students could decide whether they continue with their higher studies or focus attention towards any other employment avenue.

Kodituwakku also recalled how the present Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe introduced the concept of national schools in the past with the objective of providing better educational facilities to school children.

Principal, Royal College H.L.B. Gomes said that present day schoolchildren need career guidance to crystallise their hopes and ambitions for future development and this will largely benefit them to find employment.

"Help will also be given for skills - development to those who require it which will lead to useful employment for those who are not academically qualified", he said. He said the objective of putting up a scouts complex building is to provide the infrastructure for students interested in scouting which will also help to mould their characters.

Gomes also paid a glowing tribute to the officials of the Royal College Union (RCU), the Royal College Group of '76, Messrs Lalith Kotelawala and D.M. Swaminathan for generating funds to construct the buildings.

RCU, Treasurer, Kamal Abesinghe said that he is happy that there is an activity based and student centred education system in operation in the country.

"It is our experience that the national education system which existed in the past in our country has produced over 25,000 university graduates who are yet to find employment", he said.

He further said that the objective of starting these two centres is to provide information, guidance, impetus and motivation which is immensely required for a gainful vocational training.

RCU, Secretary Abhaya Amaradasa said that a career guidance centre will infuse new skills and guide students to select the ideal career path.

While thanking the RCU, the Royal College Group of '76 and all other well wishers for the generous contributions they made towards this worthy cause, Mr. Amaradasa assured that the construction of the complex will be completed by next year.

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