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PA welcomes surge in Stock Exchange

People's Alliance Media spokesman Dr. Sarath Amunugama yesterday observed that the PA was very happy that the Stock Exchange was generating a large income to the country." We are very happy and want to extend the same type of management to the domestic agricultural sector particularly paddy, food crops and the animal husbandry sector," Amunugama said at PA weekly media briefing yesterday. He said the SLFP made a lasting transformation of the commercial agricultural sector particularly privatising tea, rubber and coconut.

"At present tea and rubber plantations are running well", he said.Amunugama also said the 14th convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) which was concluded last Sunday was one of the most successful conventions held by the party. At this convention, President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga clearly established the identity of the SLFP as a social democratic party.

He said: "We have presented a document entitled the policy and the programmes of the SLFP and it clearly points out that unlike the UNP which is a neo-liberal party, we are from its very inception a social democratic party. This is reflected in many aspects of our proposed activities."Amunugama said the SLFP's first emphasis is on the national economy. Despite living in a globalised world and where there is economic inter- dependence, the SLFP is emphasising on the key need for strengthening the national economy in the years to come.

At our Convention, we have clearly pointed the drastic reforms that are necessary in the lands and agricultural sector which we want to undertake.

Meanwhile, the SLFP emphasises the role of local entrepreneurs and investors. From 1977, the emphasis has been on foreign investors. But from 1977, we have very dismal records on foreign investors. No foreign investor will come with the present energy cost in this country. The Government has neglected even all these basic areas that are necessary for foreign investment, he said.

Amunugama said: "We have to encourage our local expertise and local entrepreneurs so that they can invest in this country bringing their knowledge and improve the economy of the country."

Another important aspect of the SLFP policy document is to emphasis the contribution of youth. This is a completely different manpower programme which highlights the economic values to the manpower resources in this country, he said.

"We are a party which does not believe in any discriminatory laws. All the citizens of this country irrespective of their caste and creed are first class citizens of this country. The SLFP has never stood for discriminatory activities. If there are any discriminatory laws in this country, the SLFP stands for change those laws ensuring equality of all citizens," Amunugama said.



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