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LTTE views forwarded to PM

The LTTE, with a view of reviving and forging ahead the peace process that has been temporarily stalled, has suggested to the Government to formulate an interim administration instead of the Sub-committee for Immediate Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Needs(SIHRN).

This stance of the LTTE has been forwarded to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe among other suggestions which were set out in a letter addressed to Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgessan by the LTTE Chief Negotiator Anton Balasingham.

The LTTE while reminding that the present regime, before coming to power had agreed to the proposed concept of Interim Administration has further stated that if the Sri Lankan Premier responds clearly and positively to their proposals it will be a boon to revive the peace process and be a decisive factor in the LTTE taking part in the scheduled donor conference.

At the inaugural session of peace talks held in Thailand, the concept of Interim Administration was taken up for discussion but when Professor G.L.Peiris explained the political and legal intricacies involved , the LTTE in order to avoid any political conflict at the outset, agreed to the establishment of a Joint Task Force for humanitarian reconstruction in the North East, which in the second round of talks was converted to the Sub-committee for Immediate Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Needs(SIHRN).

Its function was to identify the humanitarian and rehabilitation needs of the people of the North-East and formulate a priority programme through which the demining process was commenced to encourage the resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons.

The need to propose a fresh structure arose because the original one established after a long span of discussions proved a failure, the letter stated.

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