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Govt. - LTTE Ceasefire Agreement

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Guns have been silent for one year. Roads that once kept Northerners and Southerners away from each other are now open. Talks between the government and the LTTE have moved forward. The ceasefire and the peace process have doused the cinders of war and rekindled the desire for reconciliation in a battle-scarred land. Peace has lit up many lives right around the island. lamps will be lit around the island, symbolising hopes for peace. A giant lamp will be lit at Independence Square at 6.50 this evening. The Sama Pooja ceremony will be held at Independence Square under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.Picture by Dudley Wickremasinghe

Dramatic reduction in international call charges soon

A substantial reduction in overseas telephone calls is likely beginning from the middle of this year according to a new agreement the government will sign with telecommunications service providers shortly.
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Non-Aligned Movement summit begins on Monday

From Nandana S. Talagune in Kuala Lumpur

The Non-Aligned Movement Summit began with the senior NAM officials meeting on Thursday at the Putra World Trade Centre.
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Indian tycoon to invest Rs. 4 billion here

by Ravi Ladduwahetty

Renowned business magnate and Indian Member of Parliament Dr. Vijaya Mallya will invest Rs. 4 billion in Sri Lanka for the manufacture of combat craft together with radio and television sets for the Sri Lankan and Indian markets.
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PM happy with progress but cautions that peace is still a long way off

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday he was satisfied with progress on the peace process with the LTTE, but cautioned a final settlement to the conflict was still a long way off.
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