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CP Ministers take oath

by Kandy Staff Correspondent

Central Provincial Council Members Wasantha Aluvihare, Saliya Bandara Dissanayake and Velusamy Radhakrishna took oaths as Ministers and CP Chief Minister W.P.B.Dissanayake took oaths as an acting Minister before Central Province Governor K.B.Ratnayake at a ceremony held at Governor's Office yesterday(8).

Addressing the participants, Governor Ratnayake stated that people in this country should not think themselves as Sinhala, Tamil, Muslims and Burghers and so on but should think and act as Sri Lankans in order to assert the National Unity in the Country.

He said that he considers the Present Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to be a genuine gentleman with whom he worked amicably with mutual friendliness and trust whenever they met and that forgetting all past party differences we all must work together for the common good of the people of the Central Province which in his view is the capital of Sri Lanka.

Chief Minister W.P.B.Dissanayake in his address said that the storm that was there in the Central Provincial Council during the last few months is a matter of the past like a storm in a tea cup and that from here onwards the members must forget the party differences and go in the correct direction under the guidance of the intelligent and efficient leadership of Governor K.B.Ratnayake in order to render the maximum service to the population of the Central Province.

Central Provincial Council Members Sarath Sikurajapathy, Peter Gangahagedera, Senaratne Bandara, Kandy MMC Raja Pushpakumara, Gangawata Korale Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman D.M.Wijayaratne, DIG Nimal Mediwaka, Governor's Secretary W.M.Jayatilleke and senior Goverrnment officials of the Central Province attended the occasion.

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