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New Zealand’s Reivernet to enter Sri Lankan market

New Zealand based internet bandwidth management company Reivernet plans to penetrate into the Sri Lankan market, targeting the hospitality industry, which shows a significant growth in the recent past.

David Stallworthy

“Sri Lanka is a booming market where the hospitality industry is concerned and we are targeting all major hotels to provide bandwidth management solutions to satisfy customers in the sector, Reivernet Chief Executive Officer David Stallworthy told Daily News Business.

He said that they were successfully operating in 10 countries and planned to penetrate into emerging economies like Sri Lanka, because it shows a viable boom in the hotel and hospitality sector during the recent past. Stallworthy said that all leading five star hotels in the country expressed their interest to obtain their internet bandwidth management solution, which also could be promoted in schools, hospitals, sports complexes and long-term distribution transport system.

“Sri Lanka is a young emerging market with a lot of potential because hotels and other major sectors are coming up rapidly.

“Therefore, we could add value to software based bandwidth management solutions to elevate Sri Lanka into international standards,” Stallworthy said.

Internet bandwidth software systems offer tailor-made customized services to customers suitable for airports, sports complexes, infrastructure projects which provides efficient and effective services to the people with international standards, he said.“This was a cost effective solution which is suitable for 20 to 750 plus room capacity hotels,” Stallworthy added.

Local partner for “Reivernet” Intec Systems and Solutions, Daham Arangalla said that for Sri Lanka to enter into a new technological era, it is the need of the hour to have an efficient and effective internet bandwidth management solution.

He said that this system was cost effective and had the latest solutions to enhance the productivity in the country.

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