Thursday, 27 December 2012


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Student leadership programme begins today

The first phase of the university students' leadership and positive attitude development programme will commence today, Higher Education Ministry Additional Secretary P G Jayasinghe said.

The second phase will commence on January 16 and continue until February 1. The third phase will be held from February 12 to 28.

All arrangements have been finalised to commence the first phase of the programme, which will continue until January 12, 2013.

Around 10,000 students, who passed the Advanced Level examination 2011 will be selected for the first batch. The names of selected students have been published in the website

The leadership and positive attitude development programme is conducted to ensure that students will be nurtured with knowledge, skills, attitude and mental alertness to shoulder future responsibilities as creative and enterprising leaders. Participants will be trained on developing leadership qualities.

Mental health and counselling, career guidance, challenges and the future of Sri Lanka, building peace in Sri Lanka, historical and social background of Sri Lanka, law and Human Rights, cultural activities, physical exercises, group drill, basic discipline, first aid, reproductive health, group norms and group discussions are included in the programme.

A certificate will be awarded to every participant.

The certificate will be vital for university admission and future interviews.


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