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Josephian Swimmers rule the pool on Diamond Jubilee anniversary

The Josephian Swimming team

The Josephian schoolís academic calendar is not complete without the Inter House Swimming and Diving Championships. The highlight of this Yearís Swimming Meet is that it celebrates 60 years. This is certainly an achievement, overcoming all obstacles in its wake and will certainly go down in history.

In spreading the diamond rays, itís been a fantastic and enriching year for the Josephian Swimmers winning the Sri Lankan Schools Swimming Championships for the 9th consecutive year. Undoubtedly, undisputed champions.

The Josephian team has won many Local and International competitions and achieved much success. Commitment, hard work, and a passion for the sport, is the hallmark for their success. This young team is coached by a dedicated, vibrant and enthusiastic individual who incidentally is himself a National coach, Mr. Ruwan Manawadu and ably supported by the Assistant coaches.

The team receives support and encouragement from the Rector, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe, Prefect of Games, Rev. Fr. Samith Rangana, the Teacher in Charge, Mrs. Malka Jayasinghe and last but not least , The Parents. The 60th Inter House Swimming and Diving Championships is to be held on October 20, 2012 at 1 pm at the College pool. Squad


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