Tuesday, 16 October 2012


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Ammunition recovered

The Security Forces Headquarters West, 56, 57 and East 23 divisions in Kanagarayankulam, Kidappidittakulam, Mankulam, Kalmadu and the SARVATRA demining team in Kokkuthuduwai recovered 1 projectile, 163 anti personal mines, 500 grammes of C4 explosives on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Air Force Combat Training Squadron in Vanni acting on information recovered three mortar bombs, 10 rounds of 39 mm ammunition and a drill ammunition of the same kind.

Sathurukondan Police in the East on the same day recovered a claymore mine. Mannar Police also recovered 84 of 60 mm mortar bombs that had been buried near Kurai lake in Mannar.


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