Tuesday, 16 October 2012


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Lap top thieves nabbed

Four youths including a minor who had stolen a lap-top worth nearly Rs100,000 from a parked van by breaking its glass shutters , in Nambapana, Parewithota in Ella were each released on Rs 5,000 cash bail and Rs 500, 000 personal bond by Horana magistrate Mahinda Ranasingha.

The suspects aged between 16 and 19 are residents of Nambapana, Urugal.

The Police arrested the suspects in Nambapana, Parewithota a few days after the robbery.

The suspects had begun running when they saw police and police after overpowering them, found a lap-top wrapped in a polythene bag in their possession.

Police said a group of persons from Panadura on a pleasure trip had stopped their van for a bath in the Ella water fall in Ingiriya. The youths had broken into the van and robbed the lap-top.

Police also found three wallets in the suspects' possession stolen from the van. Investigations are continuing

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