Tuesday, 16 October 2012


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Assures help for Environment Ministry projects :

US envoy lauds SLs development

SL has achieved sustainable development
Prominent place for con serving forests
Programmes implemented to protect Ozone Layer

Minister Yapa

US ambassador
Michele J Sison

Sri Lanka is developing rapidly after the end of the three decade conflict. The whole country is benefitted from the development programmes, US ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele J Sison said.

All areas are developing rapidly after the end of terrorism. The government has given top priority for development, she said.

The US ambassador expressed these sentiments when she met Environment Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa at the Environment Ministry.

Sison also discussed with the Environment Ministry Additional Secretaries on the future programmes to be implemented by the ministry concerning the environment.

The ambassador agreed to grant assistance for future projects of the Environment Ministry.

She said Sri Lanka has achieved sustainable development while the island has earned a prominent place in South Asian for conserving forests, reducing green house gas emissions and implementing programmes to protect the Ozone Layer.

We hope to grant technical assistance and finance assistance to Sri Lanka for environment conservation and solid garbage management, she said.

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