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Happy reunion at Kaithady Home for the Aged

The Kaithady Home for the Aged is the last refuge of elders. A 65-year-old man driven away from home, with the benevolence of the Grama Niladhari of the area, was admitted to Kaithady Home for the Aged a month ago.

He had none to give him solace except the nursing sisters of the hostel. The memory of his wife and children never tormented him. One day, by chance, he strolled along the corridor of the hostel and noticed an elderly woman crouching on a bed.

He approached the lady and surveyed her from head to foot. A cut mark on her forehead though obliterated by her shrinking face suddenly reminded him of his mother whose forehead was cut with a knife in a squabble with her neighbour.

He inquired her name. She said “Pakkiam”, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he bellowed “Atchchi, Atchchi I am Eswaran your son and invited an inquisitive crowd.

He told the hostellers that God had showered mercy on both of them. He told the onlookers that he had been gifted by god to see his mother after 20 years. The old lady was dumbfounded and could hardly speak.

He immediately went to the superintedent of the hostel and begged for two days leave to carry the happy tiding to his kinsmen in Jaffna.

Permission was granted and he rushed to his village to convey the happy tiding of his reunion with his mother. Pakkiam and Atputhananda Eswaran had been bound by the inseparable cord of love to live together for some more years. Eswaran is 65 and Pakkiam is 90.


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