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Universities back to academic work

Universities started functioning yesterday after a lapse of three months. The academics returned to campuses to resume teaching, Vice Chancellors said. The students turned up in large numbers at universities islandwide after the strike ended, they said.

Colombo University Vice Chancellor Prof Kshanika Hirimburegama said all faculties at the Colombo University are functioning smoothly. Prof Hirimburegama said university lecturers will work to catch up on the three month backlog. “However, we have held University Senate, Council and Deans’ Committee meetings at the Colombo University even during the strike,” she said.

Meanwhile, lectures have begun at some faculties in universities. Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA) Secretary Terrance Madujith said all universities resumed work.

“The government has paid the full salaries for the three months the university teachers were on strike, Madujith said. “There was a problem at the Ruhuna University this morning where the university academics were not paid their salary arrears. It was solved in the evening,” Madujith said.

Asked if lectures have begun, Madujith said lectures have started in some faculties. Lectures will resume in all faculties towards the end of the week, he said. He said academics will also commence the Advanced Level paper marking this week. Marking will be completed within a month of its commencement.

“We have discussed this with the Examination Commissioner,” Madujith said. Asked about their stand on conducting leadership training programmes, Madujith said they have been asked to give their opinion about conducting the leadership training programmes for university students.

“Minister Basil Rajapaksa asked us to have a dialogue about this with the Higher Education Ministry. We are planning to start a dialogue regarding the leadership training programme in universities,” he said.


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