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Finding Nemo 3D: Disney in depth

There are some tales that you never tire of hearing. Walt Disney’s Finding Nemo falls into this category. The latest 3D version revives fond memories of the 2003 animation which became an instant hit when it unspooled on the wide screens.

The story opens in a burst of colours and cheers. We are introduced to the main character of the story, clownfish Marlin, a widower who struggles to take care of his only surviving son after his home is attacked by a monstrous sea predator that swallows his wife, Coral, and a batch of their eggs.

Knocked out cold during the battle Marlin wakes up to a heart wrenching truth. He has to face life without his soul mate by his side. Freaked out by the turn of events Marlin becomes overprotective of Nemo. Much to Nemo’s embarrassment and annoyance, Marlin even follows him around during school lessons. Soon Nemo is pushed to the edge to test his rebellious nature.

This unleashes a chain of events which separates son and father. Marlin embarks of a quest to bring back his son armed with determination of steel and only a blue tang named Dory by his side.

What strikes us most in this animation is the eye-catching marine life. Throughout his journey Marlin and Dory come upon interesting incidents which add variety to the tale. From escaping from the jaws of a trio of toothy sharks who have formed a group to forswear cannibalism to fighting their way through a sea of pink jellyfish with poisonous stings and through a fast flowing ride on the currents with some turtles, the movie takes its viewers on a thrilling ride across the underwater world.

Nemo with friends at the aquarium

Dory and Marlin

Director Andrew Stanton should be commended for the beautifully composed piece which has become an all time favourite not only with children but the adult audience as well. Now coming in 3D, the fish seem to dance before your eyes.

At most instances you feel almost as if you are under the sea or with your face plastered to the aquarium because the characters seem so close that you have the urge to put out your hand and touch them.

The character personalities too are amazingly sketched so that each fish seems to possess some unique character trait. The best example is found in the inhabitants of the dentist’s aquarium.

The daredevils Gill is etched in contrast to the clumsy puffer fish Bloat. We also have a pelican called Nigel who takes Marlin and Dory on a thrilling ride across the skies while a huge blue whale gives them a ride in his belly across the ocean to Australian shores.

Dory is adorable as well as amusing due to her short term memory loss. Marlin seems to be a bundle of nerves ever since his partner’s demise. Nemo is stubborn but matures with experience. Despite being disabled with an under-developed fin, he learns to have confidence over his strengths.

There are certain scenes in the movie which reminds you of other films. For example an offspring telling off an overprotective parent and being immediately separated from him recalls this year’s Ice Age: Continental Drift. However one needs to remember that Finding Nemo has been there, done that first. Since it is a remake of the old movie in 3D, it does not seem fair to frown over certain incidents which have become clichés over the years.

The simple story is perfectly executed, especially in the voices. Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton, Stephen Root, Vicki Lewis, Joe Ranft, Geoffrey Rush, Andrew Stanton, Elizabeth Perkins, Nicholas Bird and Bob Peterson do a wonderful job in voicing the characters.

This is a smart, high quality, family-friendly entertainment which makes a bittersweet combination that tugs at your heartstrings. The movie is not only a thrilling watch but also has the depth for parents and children to bond with each other over its storyline.

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