Tuesday, 16 October 2012


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Vijith Fernando appointed Director Cashew Corporation

Vijith Viswanath Fernando of Nalluruwa, Panadura has been appointed as a Director of Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation by Minister of Minor Export Crops Reginold Cooray.

Vijith Viswanath Fernando is a product of Nalanda College, Colombo and Buddhist University College, Colombo. He had served as a press officer in the Ministry of Power and Energy.

Fernando is also an all island Justice of the Peace and was elected as a member to the Urban Council, Panadura. He is an active member of the SLFP Organizing Committee of Panadura electorate and was a social activist.

During the period of late premier Sirimavo Bandaranaike he served as the Government Agent, Trincomalee and was the first Commissioner of People's Committees and Editor Sunday Observer. He was a Member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Politburo.

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