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BITE- 2012 ends with mega participation

The Battalion International Trade Exhibition 2012 (BITE- 2012), the most exclusive mega trade fair which drew mega crowds from all over the Eastern province concluded yesterday at the Vivekananda Grounds in Battalion.

A trader at the exhibition

BITE 2012 provided an exclusive opportunity to local industrialist from the district,with the organizers granting over 40 free stalls from new entrepreneurs and industrialist to exhibit their products and services.

This was the first time that local industrialists have been given a concrete bridge to exhibit their products to the wide world of exhibitors who will be present at the exhibition.

It was also the only comprehensive trade oriented exhibition thus far in the East with the full support of the government of Sir Lana and other vital industrial, governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders.

The exhibition organized by Exhibition and Conference Services in conjunction with the Battalion District Chamber of Commerce is considered the most comprehensive platform in providing industries related news to the local population.

“Specialized industries such as fisheries, dairy, agriculture and hand-loom together with other major industries were exhibited at one single location,” Imran Hassan Director of LECS said.

“This was considered the most focused and comprehensive opportunity for people in the area and the exhibitors to get involved with the booming industries of the province. The exhibitors are provided with an unparalleled opportunity to mingle and create new trading opportunities with the local people, and the locals have also considered the exhibition a vital opportunity in reaching out to the wider world” he said.

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