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Raigam Tele'es 2011 :

Bigger and better!

Raigam is boldly going where no other private entity in Sri Lanka has ventured when it hosts the 2011 Raigam Tele'es at Water's Edge on May 11. This will be the eighth Raigam Tele'es and is bigger and better than the previous events.

Dance item

Kingdom of
Raigam Chairman
and CEO,
Dr. Ravi Liyanage

"Within a short period of time the kingdom of Raigam rose very high in the ladder of private business as private entity mainly due to the support given by the television sector. Therefore the main purpose of the Tele'es is to give back to the television sector. It is also an image development exercise which is the commercial intention," said Kingdom of Raigam Chairman and CEO Dr. Ravi Liyanage.

This Raigam Tele'es as before are covering teledramas and tele related productions which have completed their telecast during 2011. "The first ceremony was held in 2005. This time we have expanded our horizons from teledramas to tele industry. The theme of this year's Raigam Tele'es is to encompass full spectrum from ultra violet to infra red, which means we are trying to cover the entire industry. Whatever awards we can give, we are going to give," Liyanage stated.

Raigam started with 19 awards. Now it has gone up to 52. Liyanage said that the power of teledrama has an influence on society's norms and cultural values.

Most popular actor 2010 Menaka Rajapaksa

Most popular actress 2010 Nehara Piries

"We started our operations in 1997 as a very small company. Television gave a great scale of support for us which helped us develop over a short span of time. Now we want to give something back to society. With vision the sky is the limit. We have an idea to make this a national item.

All is impartial and transparent and a perfect judgment is guaranteed. Right throughout Raigam Tele Awards the judgment has been impartial and no allegations have been made against us," Liyanage said.

Raigam Tele'es 2011 - list of awards

Teledrama excellence awards and popular awards

* Best Tele drama Make up
* Best Tele drama Art Direction
* Best Tele drama Audio Recording
* Best Tele drama Lighting & Camera
* Best Tele drama Editing
* Best Tele drama Music Direction
* Best Tele drama Lyrics
* Best Tele drama Singer - Male
* Best Tele drama Singer - Female
* Best Tele drama Supporting Actor
* Best Tele drama Supporting Actress
* Best Tele drama Upcoming Actor
* Best Tele drama Upcoming Actress
*Best Tele drama Comedy Actor/Actress
* Best Tele drama Actor
* Best Tele drama Actress
* Best Tele drama Script
* Best Tele drama Direction
* Best Single Episode Tele drama
* Jury Merit Awards/Certificates
* Jury Special Merit Awards

Television media excellence awards
* Best Educational Programme
* Best Sports Programme
* Best Children's Programme
* Best Musical Programme
* Best Quiz Programme
* Best Current Affairs Programme
* Best Documentary
* Best Reality Show
* Best Political Discussion Programme
* Best TV News Reporting
* Best TV News Reader (Sinhala)
* Best TV News Reader (Tamil)
* Best TV News Reader (English)
* Best Program Presenter (Sinhala)
* Best Program Presenter (Tamil)
* Best Program Presenter (English)
* Most Popular Tele Drama
* Most Popular Actor
* Most Popular Actress

Awards of appreciations
* Channel of the Year
* Prathibha Prabha Award

* Special Awards of Appreciation


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