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Uniqueness in watercolour creativity

Awards for Nuwan

* First place - National Level School poster competition on Youth and AIDS - 1998
* First place - Annual Art Exhibition, Royal College Colombo 2000-2001
* Best Water Colour painting, Annual Exhibition, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata 2003.

Nuwan Nalaka can be called a watercolourist who is dedicated to painting. He follows the hardest form of painting - watercolour is more difficult than oil or acrylic. He is highly passionate over paintings and has achieved many of his dreams thanks to his rare ability of painting. Watercolour paintings are runny and it’s hard to paint over if mistakes are done. The artist must be quite skilled to work on watercolour paintings properly, as Nuwan mentioned. His art is technical as well as emotional. He creates numerous feelings and emotions through his impressive paintings. They are really eye-catching and influence one’s mindset.


Nuwan’s painting

Nuwan has followed the theories of art and applies them in a very effective way to make his paintings vivid.

He started painting as a schoolboy and showed his talents even at that time. His performance earned him a scholarship to Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata, India, where he successfully completed his degree, BVA (SP) Painting.

He was an enthusiastic student at the time and was very popular among others as well. Because of his creativity and hardworking he was able to hold many painting exhibitions in India as well as Sri Lanka.

Some of his solo exhibitions have been ‘Chairoscure’ Water colour exhibition at Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo - 2006, Kolkata, ‘A City of Vintage Tune’ at Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo - 2007, ‘Transition’ at Alliance Francoise de Colombo - 2008. Some group exhibitions have been ‘Annual art Exhibition’ Rabindra Bharati University 2003-2006, ‘Annual Art Exhibition’, State Academy Kolkata 2006, ‘Paintings by 40 Contemporary artists’, Town Hall Kolkata 2010.

Nuwan’s next solo exhibition titled ‘A Voyage on Boats’ will be held from at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery July 1 to 3. It is totally about boats. The exhibition will be open from 10.30 am to 8 pm. He perfectly conveys the feelings of surprise, terror, silence, melancholy, power and strength through his mastery over his chosen subject and medium.

He received awards many times because of this unique creativity. Nuwan is one unique artiste who has excelled in paintings. His preference of working on huge paintings in water colours differentiates him from other watercolour artistes.

Normally watercolour paintings are small in size, but Nuwan goes for the big size. His art portrays the emotions and heart of a real painter.



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