Friday, 11 March 2011


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Hakeem praises Galle Muslim Cultural Assn's services

Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem who lauded the services of the Galle Muslim Cultural Association's (GMCA) services, said he was aware that the President has taken cognizance of the valuable contribution of the GMCA for the uplift of social, cultural and religious values of the emerging generation.

He said that the GMCA would be a radiating centre for the entire country, especially the Muslim brothers and sisters of the South.

Hakeem was addressing the gathering at the Southlands College hall, Galle on the occasion of the Meelad-un-Nabi celebrations organized by the GMCA.

He lauded the GMCA for their 48 years of uninterrupted service to uplift the cultural values of the Muslims in the Southern Province.

He commended the founder fathers and their successors for their untiring efforts and missionary zeal to achieve their objectives over the years which has made GMCA a beacon to the entire Southern Province.

"Galle is an important seat of Islamic learning and had witnessed the establishment of the first ever Arabic Colleges to be set up in the island, namely Makkiya and Al Bahjjathul Ibrahimiya. Galle is also renowned as a bastion of great Sufis Orders and Tariqas," he said.

Al Haj Ruzly Hussain, a business leader from Galle was the guest of honour. He expressed his admiration of the yeoman service rendered by the GMCA not only to the Muslims, but to the motherland in general, in the field of social amelioration, cultural, and religious uplift and racial harmony.

GMCA President Nusair Samsudeen outlined the achievements and milestones of the organization.

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