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Saturday, 8 December 2001  
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Colombo Mayor thanks citizens

Omar Kamil, the Mayor of Colombo expressed thanks and appreciation to the citizens of Colombo for having once again reposed their trust and confidence in the United National Party.

A statement issued by the Mayor said: "The victory in Colombo city for the United National Party was due mainly to the efforts of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Colombo Municipal Council for having brought about innovative active changes and the improvement of infrastructure, provisions of water, street lights, sewerage, toilet facilities and the tarring of roads for the citizens of Colombo particularly to those living in low income areas.

"In 1999 for the first time Rs. 10 lakhs was allocated through a decentralised vote to every councillor of the Colombo Municipal Council. Almost 700 new projects were undertaken and completed in 1999. In the 2000 this amount was increased to Rs. 1.5 million per member and 800 new projects were completed. This brought about a massive improvement in the provisions of basic infrastructure facilities those people living in low income areas. The rehabilitation of over 200 roads in Colombo with Asphalt carpet overlay, the installation of new sodium lamps and traffic management programs led to a massive improvement in the road network in the city.

In the 1997 Local Government elections the United National Party received 121,000 votes while the PA group received 91,000 votes, a majority of 30,000 votes was obtained. In October 2000 the majority of the UNP over the PA increased to 80,000. In the present election the majority increased to 120,000. This came about because of the trust and confidence reposed in the UNP Council and the United National Party administration in the country." 

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